Writing Services

Please note: My freelance service was previously advertised under the name “Lilies in a Labyrinth”

I have been blessed to work not just with SISTERS Magazine, but with a number of private clients wishing to polish up their essays, manuscripts, letters and dissertations. I have worked with college students to improve their coursework and university students to improve their dissertations and final assignments. I have worked with Children of Jannah for their website and publications. I have also provided Kube Publishing with a thorough proofreading service for some of their publications.

For a quote, send your work to k.stottandrew@gmail.com and name the service you require. Look forward to hearing from you!


We all need to write. Whether it’s an essay or a potential novel, writing is sometimes harder than we expect it to be. You’ve got the tedious spell checks, the complicated grammar rules and the frustrating syntax forms! Plus, if English isn’t your first language, this task becomes even harder.

Many of us just don’t have the time (or the patience) to proofread our work. That’s where I come in; I will go through your dissertations, manuscripts, essays and articles, and I will simply add annotations where things could be changed.

Please bear in mind, proofreading is NOT editing. I do not rewrite or make changes myself, as you are the main author. This is especially important for dissertations and academic essays.

It is entirely your choice whether you take up my suggestions or not. The changes I suggest will concern spelling, grammar, syntax and overall readability of the work.

If your work is quite large, I will send you e-mail updates of how much I have done, that way you can keep well informed of the progress I am making.

Once I have completed the proofread, you will receive an e-mail informing you, in which case payment must be made. Once payment is received, the annotated work will be e-mailed to you as soon as possible.

So, thought of turning your blog into a book? Have a manuscript ready and you just need someone to check it for you?

I offer two levels of proofreading:

Light Proofreading: Checks grammar, spelling, syntax and format.

Price: £5 per 1000 words.

Intensive Proofreading: Checks grammar, spelling, syntax, format. I will even help you re-word your writing, improving your overall work!

Email your work to me for a quote: k.stottandrew@gmail.com

For projects +10,000 words, half the payment is required beforehand.

Please note: I do not charge by the hour like most Proofreaders. I believe you should only be charged according to how much YOU have written. This way, you know EXACTLY how much you need to pay.

Need an Editor?

You have finished your manuscript, but is it good enough? I am able to thoroughly check your writing and get it up to scratch for a publisher’s eye. Using an editor for your work significantly increases your chances of getting published, as well as giving you the chance to boost your confidence with a valued second opinion!


A full edit includes:

Checking for mechanical errors e.g. quotations, hyphens, capitalization.
Checking consistency
Grammar and usage errors
Making sure your tone and diction are suitable for your intended audience
Making sure your presentation is organised rationally and appropriately
Making sure your layout is logical
Ensuring all quotations and other borrowed material is properly attributed
Clarifying ambiguous statements
Verifying all people and place names
Checking all footnotes and endnotes
Full diction analysis

On completion of this edit, you will be provided with a comprehensive style sheet, guiding you through all judgement calls and queries I have made. I will also provide you with any extra guidance you require for publishing your books and the different paths you can take.

Email your work to k.stottandrew@gmail.com and I can provide you with a quote.

For projects +10,000 words, half the payment is required beforehand.


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