There is a natural path that must be taken by an avid reader such as myself. The path of a writer. This website is both a dedication and a stepping stone to that passion – the passion to read and write. Literacy is a gift, a gift I intend to nurture and cherish. With our world in its current state, there is but one solution: intelligence and education. Whether it is politics, religion, philosophy or the environment, we all have a subconscious need to be educated. My words are but one drop, causing one ripple in a vast ocean of knowledge and opinions.

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a Muslim. Working as the Reflections Section Editor at SISTERS Magazine, as well as running my own freelance proofreading and editing service, my experience in the field of the written word continues to grow. To get in touch about any of the content on this site or to discuss writing opportunities you think may be of interest, please email the following address: k.stottandrew@gmail.com


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